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  I initially felt I could work with the TSB in a similar way to my own boxes. This was not possible, I had designed my boxes, their material coming from earlier pieces. This was a vanilla box, a ready-made object designed for a specific function like a ring binder folder. I had travelled with my box, it represented my movement through space. The TSB could not do that it is a sculpture in its self, moved from one location to another but always remaining static and self contained.
There is a hall at work that had interested me due to its bright neon light, stark walls and maze like twists and turns. I thought it would be an ideal environment for the TSB. I wanted the TSB to perform in a non-static, non-self-contained way. My solution was to throw it into the air in the hall. I lay on the floor and threw the TSB high into the air whilst photographing its movement. The results were a blend of the TSB and its surroundings; the box has energy and impact, imposing its shape and movement.