About 14-15-77
Block and tackle
Word Raid - Answer the Call!
Memory bed
Demonstrate Being Affected
Box Olympics
Box Walks
Bread and Butter
a quid
View from Home
Travellers Secret Box
Sense and Feasibility
New Cross studio work
Dome Residency
A Porthole to Hull
  This event was at the Lambeth Walk day centre in London.

I participated in the event in the character and costume of an 19th century gentleman representing the 'hay-day' of the area.

My character interacted with the clients and visitors throughout the various workshops, performances and installations. Through my connections I invited all to take part in ballooning which was famously undertaken in vauxhall park london in the 19th century by Mrs Graham, the first woman to make a balloon ascent at night in 1850.

The balloons were released at 2 points during the day with attachments from each participant along with a return address and email address. 18 balloons have been returned so far, one as far as France !!